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Newest Plex Server Image, and Wifi setup

Please Excuse the NOOB that I am... I have just recently purchased a Ras Pi 3b and initially attempted to use the NOOB install to get PLEX server working properly, FAIL on my part. I found this product and so far have had a much better experience I would like to get into the Network config and setup Wifi Connectivity, as I was unable to modify the wpa_supplicant correctly. When I get to the user: and Password: prompts the default username and password does not work according to the setup directions. please inform me of the correct info.

Just as an FYI, I attempted to extract the full version of your rasberry Pi image and the Windows Extractor said the Image was 674 Petabytes, Image corruption Issue?


  • Hi Diverchad.

    In terms of the image question, re-download the zip file from your accounts download section on our website and extract it then attempt to write it again.
    in terms of the wifi setup, if you are setting up a wifi ap the ssid and password require certain lengths.
    If you are connecting the Pi to your own wifi network then you need to supply whatever the username and password you have on your existing wifi network.
    Please also include your iiot sales order number to help me better understand which product you need assistance with.


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