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How to resize the third partition on the Open Media Vault Image: Raspberry Pi NAS and PMS.

edited March 2017 in openmediavault

When you first write the image to a Micro SD Card the third partition will default to 250Mb.
Please DO NOT install raspi-config and try expand the partition.

To enable or resize this third data partition to make use of the full space available on your specific MicroSD card please follow this procedure.
Login at console as root password raspberry or a shell session with a terminal emulation package like PuTTY or Tera Term.

Run fdisk and note the size of the third partition, in this example it is 250M (Mb)

fdisk -l

Execute the resize Script


Re-run fdisk and note the new size of the third partition, in this example it is now expanded to 4.1Gb, partitions 1,2 & 3 now fills the 8Gb SD card.

fdisk -l

Reboot your raspberry pi for good measure and we are done.



init 6

If the resize script is missing then run the following commands.


This is tested on omv 3.0.63
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