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[URGENT][HELP] Plex Raspberry Image - Installation fail


I buy this item on your website, I follow the guide for installation, but Plex media server still doesn't work.

I filmed the first boot of my Raspberry I found this pretty weird the error "Re-reading the partition table failed: Device or resource busy" (~1m07).
Then I check all the service :
- PlexPy (up):
- htop (up):
- Plex media server (DOWN):
- Webtools (DOWN):
- SSH Shell (up):

The main service Plex media server, doesn't work, so I do not understand what's going on. So I restart my Raspberry with this command sudo reboot and I get a kernel panic :

Please help me !
I've been trying to install Plex on my Raspberry for several weeks, please give me hope :’(


  • Hi Hama, we assisted you remotely using team viewer and the reason Plex would not run was that you had a pirate version of a Raspberry Pi 3 that had 512Mb memory and a Single core ARM v6 processor.
    Plex service would thus not start as a result of insufficient resources. Plexpy needs the plexmediaserver service to be running and hence would not connect. The balance of the other features like htop, shellinabox etc. that did not require intensive resources were then the only services running.

    It therefore comes as no surprise that as a result regardless of which way you tried regardless of whatever solution you were using that plex would inevitably never run on your pirate RPI.

    Please can everyone be extremely careful of being scammed with pirate Raspberry Pi 3B's please check your CPU and RAM.

    Here is what cat /proc/cpuinfo should look like on a RPI 3 B, you can clearly see the 4 cores.

    Here is what htop should look like, here you can clearly see 1Gb RAM and 4 cores. you can also use cat /proc/meminfo

    And, yes, plexmediaserver will then run like this.

    In short, we have been producing these images for the last three years and it is the most advanced product on our range with many features. For those of you using the free repository to update your Plex note well that our solution downloads and installs the latest versions from directly, no link repository required. We also do not leave you hanging if you need a easy way to configure networking, storage or webtools (for unsupported apps) once you have installed plex.

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