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Mach 3 - Motor outputs for TB6600 4 Axis stepper controller board

edited June 2016 in Mach

Mach 3 Motor output configuration for video "3D Printing test setup using Mach 3, TB6600 4 Axis stepper controller board with Geeetech GT5 Hotend 2 3.0 mm
"Snowman" G-code produced for Mach 3 by Slic3r."
This setup was for G-Code produced by Slic3r for a 3D printer, however, for CNC A axis (Extruder) is not required, just setup a output to control the spindle.

If anyone wants the Slic3r configs for generating the g-code or the g-code itself just let me know.
I have attached the PDF manuals for the stepper motors and the stepper controller board to the BOTTOM of this post.
Below is the first page from the attached manual for the TB6600.

Here is the original PDF manuals.


  • Super! Wonder why google doesn't list this site in the results :'(
    BTW could you please post the Mach3 config xml as well ?

  • edited December 2016

    Hi Fast Chip.
    We could post the xml config file but that would be specific to our install as you may have configured your switches etc. differently, used different stepper motors, used different TPI or ratio's etc. etc. So we recommend going through the setup according to your equipment.
    HOWEVER, if you do need some example walk throughs and examples for Mach then I have attahed the McFaddens setup which contains set's and config guide and xml file.
    I have also uploded the original Mach3 manuals "Using Mach 3" and "Mach3 CNC Controller Software Installation and Configuration"

    We will also try include the links in this forum to the monthly site maps posted to bing and google.

    ....hope this helps.

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